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Snorkeling with Statues in Islas Mujeres

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You only live once! I yelled at myself and jumped in the blue ocean. I won’t lie; it took me quite a long moment to start breathing normally.  I barely can swim, if moving my legs untidily counts as that.  Luckily, one of the guys from the tour was close by, and I stuck to him like glue.  That was going to be my second time snorkeling. The first time I did was in Roatan, Honduras. This time was the turn of Cancun, Mexico, both of them part of the second largest coral reef in the world.

When I was brave enough and after being told thousands of time by my friend and this guy, I finally dig my head in the underwater world. At first, it was a little scary and surprising. I lift my head, shook the fear away and dug in my head again.  What I saw needed to be seen again and again and be touched too!

I was snorkeling over life- size statues! An underwater museum with more than 400 sculptures.

The statues depict different people from children to elderlies. People in various positions like sitting down and leaning. Pregnant women, children singing, a guy writing.

The Dream Collector are dozens of bottles that contain messages of encouragement which were sent from around the world. One of them reads, “May our hearts never get as hard as our heads.”

I couldn’t hold my excitement. The statues do really look like real people. The experience is spectacular.  It definitely needs to be on your bucket list. I totally recommend it; you will love it!

Then, head to Islas Mujeres to eat and play in the sand. The water looks so pretty with a bright blue color. The atmosphere of the island is relaxing but fun at the same time.

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to explore such great creations like the tiny island and the museum. I try to keep a grateful and adventurous heart. Until next time Mexico!

That guy is the tour guide.

Snorkeling with Statues in Islas Mujeres Snorkeling with Statues in Islas Mujeres Snorkeling with Statues in Islas Mujeres Snorkeling with Statues in Islas Mujeres Snorkeling with Statues in Islas Mujeres

P.S. To date, it comprises of the Silent Evolution, the Garden of Hope, Dream Collector, Man on Fire, the promise, Inertia, Anthropocene, Inheritance, and Void— all created by Jason deCaires Taylor.


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  1. April 18, 2017 / 3:14 am

    I always find underwater museums so fascinating! That’s definitely a one of a kind experience to remember, glad you did it!

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